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After at least 65 people were killed a month ago on June 15th in the predominantly Christian town of Mkepetoni, attacks in the area have continued. In the June attack, an estimated 50 gunmen stormed the village and dragged victims out of their homes. Women and children were released, but men were asked if they were Muslim or Christian. Those who answered Christian were immediately shot.

On July 5th, up to 20 attackers with guns and knives killed at least 13 people in a village near Mkepetoni. Among those killed was Kenya Kazungu, who had been found in a pool of blood with a Bible on his back. One survivor testified that the assailants told non-Muslims to leave the area. "The attackers talked in Somali and Swahili, saying non-Muslims should get out; and, if not, they should convert to Islam."

Two nights later, assailants arrived at a church just north of the village as a Bible study ended. As the participants fled, two men, Joseph Kangethe and Kenda Masha, instead chose to hide. Sadly, they died when the attackers set fire to the building. Another church building in a neighboring county, located within the village of Gamba, was also razed the same night.

This ongoing pattern of attacks is particularly terrifying because the Somali Islamist militant group, Al Shabab, appears to be claiming responsibility. Sources also indicate that an intricate web of overlapping political and religious agendas is thickening in the region, with clashing interests over land, religion, ethnicity and politics.

As the situation becomes even more tenuous for Christ-followers in Kenya, pray that God will strengthen the faith of His children. Also pray that the country's authorities will seek justice in the aftermath of these callous attacks, and that adequate protection will now be provided for surviving believers. May the truth regarding the culprits of these vicious assaults be made known, leading to the accountability of these perpetrators and ultimately the recognition of their need for a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Finally, please pray that the church in Kenya will be a beacon of light and hope to their fellow countrymen who have yet to know Him as Lord.