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Hassan's life was in danger after he
stopped attending his former mosque.
Photo: Flickr / Sherwood

A group of militant men armed with knives arrived unexpectedly at the door of Hassan Ali's home in Witu, Lamu County, on November 11th. Among those demanding to see him were his in-laws. While escaping through a window, he heard the intruders questioning his wife about her faith.

Hassan's wife and two children (aged seven and four) have been taken back to live with his in-laws who are reportedly insisting that the youngsters attend a madrassa (Islamic school). While Hassan himself was raised as a Muslim, he became a Christian only about ten months ago. He believes that neighbouring Muslims may have noted his lack of attendance at the local mosque.

Two weeks prior to the abduction of Hassan's family, Islamist extremists set fire to two church buildings in Tiribe, a village near Mombasa, on October 30th. Pastor Mutuku of Faith Victory Church says his congregation is now meeting in a tent. The leader of the other congregation, Pastor Nyawa of Holistic Church, explains that while most of his members have left, the remainder have no other place to meet except outdoors which means contending with heavy rains and flooding. Despite the many challenges these Christians face, they are gratefully receiving police protection during their outdoor meetings.

Thank you for upholding Hassan who has been wrongfully separated from his dear wife and children, and forced to flee from their home for risk of being killed, because of those opposing his faith. May God wonderfully comfort our suffering brother-in-Christ and his family, guarding each one of them from evil. Ask the Lord to greatly strengthen the faith of this new believer by bringing spiritually mature Christians into his life for the purpose of ongoing discipleship, fellowship and encouragement. Let us also pray for the affected members of the two Kenyan churches which were set ablaze and destroyed. May the congregation members continue to worship together, trusting God to protect them and provide for all of their needs. In fact, may the enemy's attempts to discourage the victims of these attacks be turned around for greater good (Romans 8:28), helping them to become even stronger and more fervent spiritually.