Kenya map & flag

The country is predominantly Christian, especially in central and western Kenya. However, several tribal groups in the north remain largely unreached, and much of the coastal region is predominantly Muslim. Additionally, in the region known as Greater Somalia in northeastern Kenya, 90 percent of the population is ethnically Somali and fervently Muslim. The spread of the gospel in these areas, particularly in Greater Somalia and on the coast, is strongly resisted. In these areas, Christian missionaries from other parts of Kenya and converts from Islam are often attacked and killed. The Kenyan constitution grants every citizen freedom of religion, but local governments in resistant areas are led by Muslim officials who do little to protect the rights of believers.

LIfe for Christians

Christians cannot openly discuss their faith in areas with a Somali majority or areas near the northern border without risking the loss of family, livelihood and community. There is a significant threat of violence against Christian converts in Somali areas. In eastern Kenya, al-Shabaab terrorizes Christians, bombing churches and killing believers. In Muslim-majority areas along the coast, Christians are socially rejected.

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