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A pastor and his wife were attacked in Deniyaya, Sri Lanka, while returning home after visiting a church member. A large mob of around 40 men, accompanied by five Buddhist monks and the assistant secretary of the local government authority, approached the pastor and his wife shouting, "attack them," "kill them." The pastor was then assaulted and accused of spreading Christianity in the area.

The pastor and his wife were then forcibly dragged to the home they had visited and the mob shouted at the lady of the house asking how much she was paid to convert to Christianity. She replied that she had become a Christian based on conviction and was not paid to do so. The pastor was once again assaulted but managed to escape with his wife. The pastor suffered injuries to his legs and body in the incident.

Pray the Lord will completely heal and restore the pastor and his wife. Pray for their protection and pray their faith will be strengthened so they can continue with their ministry. Pray for the perpetrators.

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