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Christian leaders in Sri Lanka continue to express serious concern over escalating violent attacks against the country's religious minorities. In recent months, Muslims and Christians alike have faced ongoing intimidation, assault, and violence due to their religious practices. Even more alarming, the attacks seem to be organized and orchestrated by two extremist groups that appear to have support from governing authorities.

Despite eye-witness testimonies and video and photographic evidence, no arrests have been made in the majority of these cases. As a result, perpetrators are rarely brought to justice. The apathetic lack of response shown by law enforcement agencies reveals the fact that they are merely being passive observers to the ongoing violations against basic human rights and liberties, especially concerning religious freedom and the economic and cultural rights of minority religious communities. For a brief historical overview, go to the Sri Lanka Country Report.

The NCEASL has called upon the government of Sri Lanka to seriously evaluate its position on the country's multi-ethnic and multi-religious society, in an effort to prevent empowering extremist organizations. By directing law and security authorities to take a proactive stance against such injustice through the enforcement of laws protecting the rights of minority religious groups, representatives are essentially striving for greater peace and harmony among all the inhabitants of Sri Lanka.

While God's Word instructs believers not to retaliate inappropriately against those who perpetrate violence, we are encouraged to mediate on behalf of those in need of justice. Like Queen Esther, we prayerfully ask that through God's mighty intervention, government officials and all others in positions of authority will respect the human rights and religious freedoms of others so peace and justice may prevail. Ultimately, it is our desire that the "Prince of Peace" will make His powerful presence known among all the people groups within this Asian nation.