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Sri Lankan believers worshipping
Pray that Sri Lankan believers will be faithful to the Lord.

Churches in Sri Lanka frequently face opposition from community members who are opposed to a Christian presence in this predominantly Buddhist nation. On the morning of August 19th, the pastor of the Assemblies of God church in Dikwella was meeting with a few church members for a Bible study when a police officer entered the building to seize him. The pastor was then transported to the local police station for interrogation by the officer-in-charge.

When the pastor arrived at the station, two Buddhist monks and three other individuals were awaiting his arrival, none of whom he recognized from the village. The officer-in-charge told the pastor that he had received complaints about the religious worship activities. The pastor was then ordered to cease conducting all Christian activities in the village and to relocate the church.

On the evening of July 7th, a church in the village of Pilliyaradi was in the process of concluding their worship service when stones were thrown at the church from the commercial building next door. Two vehicles belonging to the church members were damaged. In another incident, a church in Vahaneri was completely destroyed during the night of August 17th. Although arson is suspected, and the incident was reported to police, (as of August 23rd) no officers have even come to the scene.

Please remember these targeted pastors and church members as they seek the Lord's guidance in the midst of this opposition. Pray that the governing authorities would respect the rights of all Sri Lankan citizens by taking measures to curb the harassment and violence. May the Gospel of Christ spread throughout this island nation, as churches continue proclaiming the message of His love -- in both word and deed -- to their unsaved neighbours.