Middle East

The Middle East: Pastor Tortured, Jailed and Exiled

Note: For security reasons, the identities of this episode’s podcast guests, and their present residing country, cannot be disclosed.

For two years, “Pastor Amir” was brutally tortured while imprisoned in the Middle East. According to his daughter “Sarah,” the former Muslim was arrested for his Christian activities (including distributions of food and Bibles, as well as sharing the Gospel message. He was falsely accused of spying for a neighbouring country.

Following his release, “Pastor Amir” and his family were ordered to immediately leave their home country with no prospect of returning.

“Sarah” candidly speaks with Closer to the Fire host Greg Musselman about the hardships endured by her family. Forced to live temporarily in another country since 2013, they hope to soon obtain safe refuge in Canada.

Greg is also joined by Jennifer Miedema, the Executive Director of Remember Ministries, who is helping this persevering Christian family make Canada their new home.

Date: January 2022
Length: 52:00

Show Notes
The Voice of the Martyrs Canada
Remember Ministries www.rememberministries.com

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