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Bridge to Cabo Delgado - Photo: Wikipedia / F Mira
Photo: Wikipedia / F Mira (cc)

According to military sources, militants belonging to a group loosely linked to ISIS kidnapped a pastor and then decapitated him. The victim's remains were later given to his widow to deliver to the police. Although reports confirm that the attack took place on December 15th in the northern province of Cabo Delgado, Mozambique, the pastor's name has not been disclosed by the authorities.

This horrific act is the latest tragedy to take place amidst a four-year-long insurgency which has caused much devastation throughout the country. Even though members of this terrorist group refer to themselves as "al-Shabab," they are not associated with the Somali group of the same name. In March, the perpetrators carried out a series of other attacks in the area, boasting that they had killed dozens of security personnel and Christians, including Westerners from what they termed the "crusader nations."

Please prayerfully uphold this grieving widow, asking God to comfort her anguishing heart and provide her needed healing from the trauma she was forced to endure. Additionally, pray that the transformative work of God's Spirit will move in the hearts of people throughout the country of Mozambique. In the process, may He also touch the hearts of those in darkness who are persecuting the church, leading them to the "Light of the World" as our Saviour is aptly referred to in the Gospel.

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