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Photo from Christian Solidarity Worldwide
Muslims launched deadly attacks on Christians in the three farming villages of Dogo Nahawa, Zot and Rastat in Plateau state near the city of Jos, Nigeria on March 7. The Muslim attackers, members of the Fulani ethnic group, killed hundreds of Christians, many of whom were women and children. The majority of the believers were members of the Berom ethnic group. "We were woken up by gunshots in the middle of the night, and before we knew what was happening, our houses were torched and they started hacking down people," said one survivor. The Muslims rampaged through homes while chanting "Allah Akbar" and brutally attacked people with knives and machetes. They also set fire to houses, burning approximately 75 to the ground. Sources estimate that around 500 people were killed in the violence.

The attack is the latest in several recent religious clashes in the state (click here for more information). While the country is almost evenly divided between Christians and Muslims, the state is predominantly Christian. The Muslim minority has long contested ownership of land in the state, intensifying tension between the two groups. (Source: Compass Direct, Christian Solidarity Worldwide)

Pray that those in turmoil due to these attacks will look to the God of all comfort for strength and peace (2 Corinthians 1). Pray that violence will not beget violence, but that Christians will demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus. Pray that God will advance His peace throughout Nigeria.

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