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On March 20, thousands of Christians marched with empty coffins and empty stomachs in front of Nepalese government offices. The believers were begging the government of Kathmandu to allot them plots of land to bury their loved ones. In recent years, land available to Christians has been limited, forcing them to bury their dead on top of one another in the same tomb. In 2009, Christians were given the Shleshmantak Forest as a place to bury their dead. However, this forest was right next to a Hindu temple. The decision sparked protests from Hindus around the country, forcing the government to ban Christian burials in Shleshmantak Forest. Although the Nepalese government has lifted the ban, radical Hindus continue to stop Christians from burying their dead in the forest.

Pray the Nepalese government will have compassion for these believers and grant them land. Ask the Lord to provide for them. Pray these believers will be the light of Christ to their Hindu neighbours.

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