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An elder of the Believers Church in Nepal was tragically killed in the early morning hours of October 20th while praying for someone who was supposedly quite ill.

At 3 a.m., 36-year-old Debalal was called to the home of Kumar Sardar who urgently requested prayer, stating that he was experiencing pain. At first, Debalal was reluctant to visit the man's home due to the late hour and also because Kumar and his family were known to be devout Hindus.

Debalal’s wife and two sons
Photo: Gospel for Asia

During the prayer time, Kumar left the room, returning with an iron rod and a sharp, curved knife called a khukuri. He then began beating Debalal severely with the iron rod prior to slitting the unsuspecting believer's throat. None of the neighbours, who should have heard the attack taking place, intervened. While Kumar is presently in police custody, Debalal's distraught wife and sons are now experiencing tremendous grief over the vicious act of violence that was perpetrated against their loved one. Other reports of persecution in Nepal can be found at the Nepal Country Report.

Please ask the Lord to be especially near to Debalal's wife and sons as they come to terms with their sudden loss. Pray that they will sense the comforting presence of Jesus who has promised to be with them in a special way during this time of great suffering. In keeping with His admonition to pray for our persecutors (Matthew 5:44), let's intercede for the Hindu extremist who killed Debalal...that he will be brought to justice in this life and, more importantly, to repentance and eternal salvation in preparation for the next. Along with needed protection, may the Lord grant the believers of Nepal a spirit of boldness so they will continue serving Him in spite of the dangers they face.