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Muslim bride

Sadaf Masih, a 13-year-old from Bahawalpur, has been kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam, and married to a Muslim. Despite evidence, the family's cries for justice have fallen on deaf ears.

On February 6th, Sadaf was abducted by influential men in her community. Her parents reached out to the family of the abductors and was assured that she would be returned. Yet after eight days, the perpetrators returned to say that Sadaf had converted to Islam and was now married. They showed the family a marriage certificate which falsely stated that she was 18 years old.

Christians in the village have been warned that a police report would be filed against them if they tried to contact her or press charges against those responsible. Despite these threats, a case has been registered. However, the police are hesitant to confront the kidnappers.

According to Nasir Saeed, a spokesperson for CLAAS-UK (Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement), forcible conversions of Christian and Hindu girls continue to be a problem in Pakistan. Despite international pressure, the government has not taken any action against the practice. Courts frequently rule in favour of Muslims due to pressure from Islamic groups.

Please remember Sadaf in your prayers as she faces this terrible situation. Despite her suffering, may she demonstrate the compassion of Christ to her kidnappers. Also uphold her concerned family members who are endeavouring to bring her safely back home. Pray that the Pakistani government and courts will heed the pressure of those advocating on behalf of the kidnapped young teen so justice can be properly served.