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This Friday, February 24th, marks one year since the Russian offensive in Ukraine began, a war that has resulted in the death of thousands, the destruction of whole cities and the forced displacement of millions of people. The outbreak was triggered by a major escalation of tensions, which have been simmering since the Russian annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014, and the ongoing struggles with Russian-backed separatists in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine.

Ever since Russian forces seized control of various regions of Ukraine, Christians have faced restrictions that were already taking place in Russia. In Russia and the occupied areas, officials mandate that churches must support the Russian government and, consequently, congregations not demonstrating their support have encountered legal consequences. Churches that do not register with the government are perceived to be against the leaders, and religious groups whose theology emphasizes peace and pacifism are viewed with suspicion or described as extremists. Additionally, believers who express their concerns about the war have been treated harshly.

Hundreds of Christians have been accused of illegal missionary activities and, as a result, many of them were subjected to the enforcement of large fines. (To read a previously posted Persecution & Prayer Alert report on followers of Jesus in Russia who have been fined for religious activities – including one case in which a believer was charged for simply having a Christian newspaper available for distribution – click here.)

In the most recent episode of the Closer to the Fire podcast, host Greg Musselman is joined by Dr. Eric Foley, who serves as the CEO for VOM Korea. Dr. Foley provides an accurate assessment of the heightened persecution of evangelical Christians in Russia, based on his extensive research and in-depth study of political events. To view this informative video report, go to this page.

Pray for the millions of Ukrainian people who are suffering tremendously in their beloved homeland because of the ongoing war. May peace be achieved both politically and spiritually, bringing an end to the violence and destruction. Pray that Christians throughout Russia and occupied Ukraine will be free to worship and practise their faith without oppressive governmental restrictions. Also prayerfully uphold Dr. Foley and the ministry work that VOM Korea is doing in the region to support the ongoing spiritual and humanitarian needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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