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A Sudanese soldier is reading the Bible while holding a kalashnikov on his lap. - Photo: World Watch Monitor
Photo: World Watch Monitor

On August 8th, a Sudanese court ruled that properties seized by the government must be returned to the Sudanese Church of Christ (see this page). Following up on that decision, ownership of 19 properties was officially handed back on September 24th.

In another unexpected move, authorities released a shipment of Bibles believed to have been held in port for six years. The Arabic-language Bibles were released in mid-September and transported to the capital of Khartoum.

There has been speculation on the reasons for this recent action. Some suggest it may be part of a push from Sudan to normalize relations with the United States. Regardless of the reasons, VOMC partner ministry, Steadfast Global, said it well in an October 3rd Facebook post: "The reasons might well be political. We are not quite sure just what is going on, but recent events in this repressive country definitely point to answered prayers!" Continue to intercede for the country of Sudan and its people, praying that God's Word will reach many more in need of Christ as Saviour.