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Pray for protection amidst civil unrest in Syria.
Photo: Flickr / FreedomHouse

Fortunately, there are Christians in Syria who can remain hopeful despite the increasingly difficult circumstances, a VOM contact reports. Syrians are still facing continual threats from snipers and mortars. During the month of June, dozens of mortars fell around the building where our ministry representative lives. He further explains that many destitute people are left begging, searching in the rubbish and seeking for a place to stay. Compounding this dire situation, the value of the Syrian pound continues to drop. (For past country reports, check the Syria Country Report.)

Yet, in the midst of these difficulties, our dedicated worker also has some good news to share.... Fellow Christians in Syria are being offered needed help and hope. His church is still holding Bible studies, youth meetings, prayer meetings, medical clinics and Sunday church services. In addition, this VOM-supported ministry work is distributing packages of food staples, as well as basic hygiene products.

While we can be thankful for the compassionate response of caring believers in this part of the world, and the faithfulness of those serving on the front lines there in Syria, as members of God's global family, we all need to unite our hearts together in fervent prayer. This includes interceding for the country's political leaders and citizens. Please pray that many more Syrians will come to Christ, and that the previously mentioned church will continue to be a catalyst of God's transforming work in lives while serving as a centre for peace in the midst of chaos. The Bible reminds us that "...everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved" (Acts 2:21).