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Relatives of Hajii Suleiman Sajjabi
await word on poisoned Christians
at Mbale Regional Hospital.
Photo: Morning Star News

Pastor Bongo Martin was brutally killed on December 23rd when he and other members of his church resisted the efforts of local militant Muslims to take over their land in the Namutumba district. The 32-year-old church leader was attacked with a sword after protesting about a fence that had been put up in an attempt to encroach on part of the church's land in Nansololo village. The opposing locals had previously complained several times, believing that the church was not far enough away from their mosque.

Just days prior to this, five Christians in the Budaka district had died after eating food laced with pesticide following a Bible study meeting in Kachomo, a predominantly Muslim village. The study group leader and host, Hajii Suleiman Sajjabi, is presently in a coma. Four of those who died were his relatives, and the fifth was a pregnant woman. Prior to the poisoning, Hajii had been reprimanded by a local imam for distributing Bibles in the community.

Thank you for upholding Pastor Bongo's wife and two children in prayer, as well as his congregation. May God sustain these believers in their time of shock and grief, appointing another spiritual leader to provide them needed ministry and reach out to their community with the proclamation of the Gospel. Also, pray for Hajii, who urgently needs God's intervention and healing touch after the poisoning incident, and for consolation to be provided to those affected by the untimely loss of the Bible study group members. May the militants responsible for both of these crimes come to repentance, recognizing their own need of God's mercy and salvation.