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Pastor Micah Byamukama of Kasecha village in eastern Uganda died after eating a meal laced with insecticide, and local authorities suspect that the person responsible for his death has fled the community.

On Sunday, May 15th, the 61-year-old pastor began to feel stomach pain after eating food brought by a man he believed was genuinely seeking to reconcile with him. The pastor was rushed to Kabweri Health Centre where he died at 9 p.m. A nurse who requested anonymity confirmed that the pastor had ingested an organophosphate insecticide.

Five days earlier, Pastor Micah, who was a widower without children, had sustained injuries from a knife attack carried out by a group of men. He survived the attack because neighbours responded to his cries for help. These neighbours believe that the person responsible for instigating the first attack is the same one who poisoned the pastor. The perpetrator is described as a local Muslim man who was angered by comments the pastor had made during a public discussion about faith.

At least six Christians in eastern Uganda have been killed or brutally attacked by militants already this year; others have received death threats.

Please pray for an end to these senseless attacks against the Christians of eastern Uganda. Uphold the pastors and evangelists who are endeavouring to reach people for Christ in regions where such needed ministry has the potential to stir up violent opposition. May believers throughout this country feel strengthened and encouraged as people around the world faithfully pray for them. And on behalf of Ugandans in need of salvation, pray that they will be receptive to the Good News of the Gospel.