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Peninah Fatuma -- Photo: Morning Star News
Peninah Fatuma
Photo: Morning Star News

On Christmas Eve of 2016, Peninah and her three children stood helplessly by as they watched militants tear down their home -- all because they had turned to Christ. This single mother and her children live in an area of eastern Uganda where a decision to reject Islam can have treacherous consequences. The family is now left homeless.

Angered by Peninah's conversion, the militants had written several letters warning the mother that her days were numbered. The attack on her home in Pallisa came the day before masked men raided Pastor Erod's church in Obokora village, of the same district, on Christmas morning.

Hearing jihadist chants, Pastor Erod -- along with members of his congregation -- tried to escape through a back door but they were badly beaten. Five church members were left with serious injuries, including broken bones. The attack appears to be linked to the fact that a Muslim, who had given his life to Christ and received a miraculous healing at the church the previous night, excitedly told others about his new faith.

Pray that the Lord will provide a home and needed resources for Peninah and her children. Ask Him to protect this suffering family, and all others in Uganda who have shamelessly submitted their lives to Christ. In fact, may the enemy's attempt to thwart Christianity cause the number of believers to multiply exponentially despite the threat of persecution. Uphold the country's spiritual leaders, such as Pastor Erod, asking the Lord to renew their strength and re-ignite their passionate vision to reach the lost so they can effectively continue the important Kingdom work God has prepared in advance for them to accomplish (Ephesians 2:10).