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Uganda landscape

On September 20th, a young man named Magale Hamidu (also called Mabala) of Nanoko village in eastern Uganda was attacked by his father who discovered that the 20-year-old had left his Islamic faith to become a Christian. Seven months prior to the attack, Magale decided to embrace Christianity, and has since not attended the regular mosque prayers.

In response to the father's inquiry about his son's newfound faith, Magale remained silent. The infuriated father then proceeded to beat him with a stick. Other family members are reported to have also picked up sticks and joined in the attack. The sound of Magale's screams alerted neighbours who, upon arrival, managed to pull the bleeding young man away from his attackers. Magale was then rushed to a community clinic in Tirinyi Sub-County, Kibuku District, where he was treated for injuries to his head and right hand.

After being discharged from the hospital, Magale was placed into the care of Pastor Joseph Kisense of New Valley Baptist Church in Kiryolo. The concerned pastor reported the alleged assault to the chairman of the Tirinyi Local Council, who in turn notified the police. Magale's father had also outrightly made remarks to one of his neighbours about wanting to kill his son.

While no further attacks have been made on the young man (who is now in hiding), one of the local church pastors has been consulting with police about the possibility of arresting Magale's father. For it's possible that an act of violence could trigger militant attacks on the pastor or his church because several have come to know Christ through his ministry. Pastor Joseph admitted that he has been receiving threats from area militants too.

While we are grateful that this young man has made a decision to accept Christ as the Lord of his life, we pray that he will be further encouraged to continue on in his faith journey. Ask God to protect him, as well as the local church pastors and their families, granting them the wisdom required for this difficult situation. May they respond with the love of Jesus towards those who oppose Christianity -- including Magale's family. As this young man's family members witness the powerful transformation that's taking place in his life, ask the Holy Spirit to also work in their lives... softening their hearts and granting them a revelation of Jesus, the Risen Saviour, who desires a personal relationship with them as well.