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Ugandan man praying

One week after a young Muslim man came to faith in Christ, relatives who were angry about his conversion burned him with hot cooking oil. On March 4th, Gobera Bashir, 27, went to church with a friend in a neighbouring village. There he received Jesus Christ as his Saviour and Lord. The pastor gave him a Bible and encouraged him to be cautious when reading it, since his family members were all Muslims.

A few days later, his sister found him reading the Bible and word got around to others. On the evening of March 10th, a group of people forced their way into Gobera's house, bound him and poured burning hot oil on him -- resulting in serious burns over forty percent of his body. He was then dragged down to a swamp where he was left unconscious.

When Gobera awoke, he found himself surrounded by Christians who took him to a medical centre for treatment. At last report, many of his wounds are not healing properly and he continues to need further treatment. The young man, who is presently in hiding, has not reported the incident to the police in order to protect the identities of those who are helping him.

Please pray for Gobera's healing, specifically requesting that he will receive needed medical treatment and that the pain will subside. Ask for God's blessing to also be upon those who are helping him during this time of recovery (Matthew 25:40). May the Lord speak to those responsible for the attack, enabling them to realize the error of their ways and their need for the love and saving grace of Christ.