China: Pressure Increases Against Christians

China: Pressure Increases Against Christians
(An Interview with Bob Fu of ChinaAid)

Over the past several years, the Chinese Communist Party has increased its repressive crackdown on the Chinese church. From destructive church raids to the imprisonment of pastors, there are almost daily reports of police action against believers in China. Closer to the Fire host Greg Musselman is joined by Dr. Bob Fu, the founder and president of ChinaAid – an international Christian human rights organization that’s committed to promoting religious freedom in China. ChinaAid also financially supports persecuted Chinese Christians and their families.

In this informative interview, Dr. Fu explains why the Chinese government has stepped up its attacks on the followers of Jesus. In addition, he provides updates on the latest incidents of persecution in the country and shares of his own personal experiences – including an ordeal that forced him and his family into hiding due to protests outside of his home. Dr. Fu believes those protests and threats were orchestrated by the government in Beijing.

Date: November 2021
Length: 40:00

Watch the interview with Dr. Bob Fu.
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