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Pastor Tandin and his wife

The case against a pastor who was sentenced to prison for his evangelistic work has been dropped. Tandin Wangyal was originally detained along with another pastor, Mon Thapa, in March of 2014. The pastors were charged with the following: 1) conducting a gathering for a religious purpose without prior approval, 2) showing a film without certificate of approval from media authorities, and 3) collecting "illegal funds." (For more information on these charges, you can read our previous prayer alert.)

Pastor Tandin was initially sentenced to more than four years in prison; however, the term was later reduced to two years and four months. The court stated that the reduced sentence could be waived in exchange for paying a fine of 100,000 Bhutanese Ngultrum (approximately $2,025 CAD). The church leader paid the fine on January 19th and was subsequently released. Pastor Mon was sentenced to two years and four months in prison, but was similarly granted freedom after paying a fine last year.

Thank the Lord for this encouraging news! May God richly bless these two pastors as they now experience freedom from prison and the joy of being reunited with their loved ones. Ask the Lord to continue using these faithful Christian men for His ministry purposes, shielding their hearts against any trepidation they may feel about the possibility of future opposition. Also remember to pray for the ongoing ministry work taking place within the predominantly Buddhist country of Bhutan, asking God to refine and purify His church there so it may continue being fruitful and, as a result, draw many more in need of salvation to embrace Jesus as Lord.