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For the sixth week in a row, members of a Russian-language Pentecostal church in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi were blocked from entering a home on July 13 where the church has been meeting. Shouting abuses against Russians and "sectarians," a mob blockaded the home of Pastor Nikolai Kalutsky for three hours. According to the July 14 report from Forum 18, police prevented serious physical injuries, but they did nothing to remove the blockade. The protestors told Pastor Kalutsky that they were Orthodox and their purpose was to prevent non-Orthodox worship. It is believed the blockade was organized by the Orthodox priest from the nearby village of Dighomi, though he denies any involvement.

In the past four years there have been over one hundred attacks by Orthodox mobs against religious minorities in Georgia. To date, no one has been prosecuted for the attacks. Pray for endurance and a firm resolve to stand strong in the Lord for those facing opposition. Pray that the authorities will take action against those who oppose freedom to worship outside of the dominant Orthodox Church.

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