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A member of Cambodia's parliament is calling for a stop to human rights violations against Montagnard refugees fleeing oppression in their native Vietnam. According to Missions Insider, Son Chhay appealed to the president, Prince Norodom Ranariddh, on July 2. He demanded that the Cambodian government, "answer, clarify, and stop immediately the activities that violate human rights by the Cambodian authorities because it is inhumane and violates the 1951 International Refugee Treaty, of which Cambodia is a signatory."

Thousands of Montagnards, many of them Christians, have fled across the border from Vietnam into Cambodia, only to be captured by the Cambodian authorities and returned to Vietnam where they face prison, torture and sometimes death. According to Chhay, the Vietnamese government has offered a bounty of one million Vietnamese dong ($90.50 CDN) for each Montagnard returned.

Pray that this call will be heeded and that the Cambodian government will cease this oppression against those fleeing persecution. We encourage you to lend your voice in keeping this issue in the forefront of the Cambodian government by contacting embassies in your country and the United Nations. Also encourage your local politicians to look into this issue and address it. Contact information can be found on our website at www.vomcanada.com/links.htm.

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