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Boeng Krum LeuOn Friday, April 28, a partially built church building in Boeng Krum Leu, 30km east of Phnom Penh, Cambodia was destroyed by approximately 300 local Buddhists. Che Saren, chief of the district, told the Associated Press that the Buddhists felt threatened by the visible presence of another religion. Chanting "Destroy the church," and "Long live Buddhism," the villagers tore down the building and burned the rubble. According to Ros Sithoeun, a local Christian, the police gave the villagers a lecture on the laws governing religious freedom and the two sides have come to a peaceful agreement. The Christians did not file complaints with the authorities nor demand restitution. There are currently twenty to thirty Christians in the village.

Pray that the Christians in Boeng Krum Leu will be able to continue worshipping the Lord without further opposition. Pray that the sacrificial attitude of these believers will draw others to Christ.

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