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Angered that "Ahmed" and his family had converted from Islam to Christianity, their militant Muslim relatives made arrangements to have him killed. The martyred man's orphaned children were then taken into the home of a pastor who has since been raising them with his own family.

Although it has been seven years since Ahmed's murder, his three surviving children are continually being harassed and pursued by the same family members who caused his death. In their attempts to make the children return to Islam, they even had Ahmed's son arrested and charged with leaving Islam when he turned 18. Thankfully, the young man was released after police changed the charges against him.

In another part of the Middle East, the Voice of the Martyrs is making it possible for Christian children who have sought refuge after fleeing Islamic State invasion to receive needed education. Due to the sudden influx of thousands of refugee children and their families, several hosting countries do not have the capability of providing adequate schooling. Noticing the tremendous need in a particular community, VOM is now working with an in-country ministry partner so that the dreams and aspirations of refugee children may be realized.

Thank the Lord for compassionate response of His dedicated servants in providing needed care for vulnerable children who've experienced first-hand the grievous injustices and evils of persecution. Pray that these young believers in the Middle East will be strengthened in their faith as they diligently learn the important truths contained in the Scriptures and discover the power of prayer. May God's higher plans for each of their lives come to fruition so they will not only fulfil His purposes but also experience the bright future He has promised them (Jeremiah 29:11).

Assistance for Christian widows and orphans is being provided through VOMC's Families of Martyrs fund.