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President Buhari
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U.S. Department of State

In September, Nigeria's army rescued at least a dozen kidnapped women and children who were being held captive by the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram. In a statement to the press, military spokesman Col. Sani Kukasheka Usman announced that the group was rescued as the army cleared Boko Haram camps in northeastern Borno state. While preparing today's alert, we also learned that on October 27th the troops conducted another successful operation, this time rescuing more than 300 additional captives. Although the identity of those who were rescued this week is unknown, it's possible that some of the Christian Chibok schoolgirls may be among them. For a report on the abduction of the schoolgirls, click here.

Nigeria's home-grown Islamic extremist group has alarmingly used dozens of girls and women for recent suicide bombings within the country and neighbouring Chad, Cameroon and Niger, raising fears that the kidnapped victims were forced to comply in this manner with the terrorists' agenda. More about the bombings can be found at this page.

Over a thousand people have been killed since President Muhammadu Buhari was elected in March with a pledge to deal with the militants, whose six-year uprising has killed approximately 20,000 people in total. At least two million citizens have been driven from their homes, some crossing borders in desperate search of safe refuge.

Earlier this year, troops from Chad and Nigeria drove the extremists out of some 25 towns held for months in an area that Boko Haram had declared an Islamic caliphate, aligned with the Islamic State group in the Middle East. The insurgents have since periodically returned to carry out hit-and-run attacks and suicide bombings. Informative video clips, as well as previously posted prayer alert reports, are accessible at the Nigeria Country Report.

Praise God for the successful rescues of numerous Nigerians formerly held hostage by Boko Haram. Ask Him to now minister miraculous physical, emotional and spiritual healing to each one of them. Also pray for President Buhari and all those who are attempting to gain victory over Boko Haram so that many others can be safely rescued from captivity. Additionally, ask the Lord to strengthen and minister to the remaining hostages and their distraught families. May His perfect peace and strength continue to supernaturally sustain them.