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Police in Bangladesh's Nilphamari district have charged Christian day labourer Abul Hossen (41) with cattle theft despite a confession from the primary suspect, according to a defense attorney and a local official present in the courtroom. Police submitted the charge sheet against the convert from Islam on September 12, even though Sirajul Islam had confessed to the crime and testified on September 8 that Abul was not involved and that he did not know him.

Abul has reported that when he was arrested on August 21, police inquired about his conversion to Christianity, questioned the religion of his wife and father, and asked whether Christians offered him money to convert. Local believers have said that influential Muslims had Abul accused in order to discredit his ministry. (Source: Compass Direct)

Please pray the truth will come to light and that justice will be upheld in this case. Please pray for Abul and other Christians in the community, that they would be faithful and strong and that God would give them wisdom when dealing with the authorities.

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The people of Bangladesh have a great spiritual hunger for the Word of God. In response to this need, VOMC is helping to provide Biblical training to a group of Christians who have a strong desire to learn more about the Lord and grow closer in their relationship with Him.

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164,098,818 (July 2021 est.)

Ethnicity (%)
Bengali (98), Ethnic groups (1.1)

Religions (%)
Islam (88.4), Hinduism (10), other - includes Buddhism and Christianity (1.6)

President Abdul Hamid (2013)

Government type
Parliamentary republic

Legal system
Based on English common law and Islamic law.

Source: CIA World Factboo

Pray for Bangladesh

As the Word of God goes forth in Bangladesh through the Christian radio and television broadcasts, may the "Good News" of the Gospel accomplish mighty things in the lives of all who hear it! Pray that the seeds sown in hearts will take root and bear healthy and lasting fruit, and that the spiritual leaders of this country will be ready and equipped to disciple the resulting influx of new believers.


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