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A 60-year-old Christian businessman in Bangladesh has been killed in a violent attack, and the terrorist organization Islamic State has claimed responsibility for his death. Shunil Gomez of Boraigram region in the northern district of Natore died on Sunday, June 5th, after receiving three deep gashes on the back of his neck. According to police inspector Inam Ahmed, the attack bore similarities to previous local fatalities perpetrated by militants.

In the past seven months, at least six people have died in violent incidents within the region. Attacks have targeted Christian pastors and Hindu temples, as well as mosques belonging to the Shia minority. "For many years, in the Muslim-majority nation of Bangladesh, Christians were relatively free to practise their religion," reports a VOMC correspondent in Bangladesh.

The correspondent explains why there has been a dramatic increase in persecution: "Two years ago this began to change, and now a small minority of radical Islamists are having a big impact upon religious freedom by targeting well-known leaders and secular bloggers for assassination. Our VOM partners are taking new precautions, but they are still finding ways to share the Gospel and disciple new believers without drawing attention to themselves." Learn more by reviewing the Bangladesh Country Report.

Thank you for lifting up Shunil Gomez's family, praying that they will tangibly sense the loving comfort of our Lord Jesus as they grieve during this difficult time. Ask Him to protect our VOM ministry partners and all the other Christian believers in Bangladesh. May they be filled with wisdom and power as they continue to obey the Great Commission despite the threat of persecution.

Current Ministry Project

The people of Bangladesh have a great spiritual hunger for the Word of God. In response to this need, VOMC is helping to provide Biblical training to a group of Christians who have a strong desire to learn more about the Lord and grow closer in their relationship with Him.

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Country Information


164,098,818 (July 2021 est.)

Ethnicity (%)
Bengali (98), Ethnic groups (1.1)

Religions (%)
Islam (88.4), Hinduism (10), other - includes Buddhism and Christianity (1.6)

President Abdul Hamid (2013)

Government type
Parliamentary republic

Legal system
Based on English common law and Islamic law.

Source: CIA World Factboo

Pray for Bangladesh

As the Word of God goes forth in Bangladesh through the Christian radio and television broadcasts, may the "Good News" of the Gospel accomplish mighty things in the lives of all who hear it! Pray that the seeds sown in hearts will take root and bear healthy and lasting fruit, and that the spiritual leaders of this country will be ready and equipped to disciple the resulting influx of new believers.


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